I went with a few friends to Letchworth Village in New York this past weekend. From what I saw, it’s pretty vast and and very cool. We only got to explore one building before a cop came by (who was ridiculously nice, didn’t even ask for our ID’s, and guided us a a nearby cemetery where we could take photos legally). Hopefully I can make it back soon.

The City & the Mountains

I think i’ve found my two favorite places here. One is in the city and the other is outside, in the Catskills. I drove out with some friends on saturday and we hiked up to this waterhole. The rocks extended behind it, curved, like an amphitheater with naturally carved-out seats. We could see out past the valley. It was nice to go somewhere quiet. 

A sunrise from my rooftop, listening to music by the East River, priests walking through a subway turnstile, and the golden hour light catching plastic-wrapped structures on Metropolitan Ave.

The weather is already cooling off, autumn is around the corner. Not a California autumn where the seasons bleed together but an East Coast autumn.  I want to go to the Adirondack Mountains and see the leaves change color in mid september, when we finish our internship for this quarter.

The work here has been good lately, probably the one of the best quarters of school/interning we’ve had yet. It started off slow but it’s picked up brilliantly.  I also found out a couple weeks ago that I will be here until at least December, if not longer. We were accepted into an internship for our last quarter of school (october - december), at an agency that has been at the top of my list of places to work since I started learning about the creative side of advertising. I’m soooo fucking excited!

Besides work, things have been awesome and bizarre and that’s life. 

Anonymous asked:

What do you look for in a guy?

what I look for in anyone is style (i don’t mean fashion, but that doesn’t hurt), creativity, intelligence, curiosity, and someone who is independent and doesn’t revolve their life around the relationship. 

Anonymous asked:

when are you coming back to the west coast?!


kind of joking but kind of not joking.

i’ll come back for a little while in late september/early october, and then i’ll come back to NY until December and then it really depends on where I can get a job. 

Anonymous asked:

what are your goals/dreams/desires/aspirations/ambitions/etc?

The simplest way I can answer this is to say that my ultimate goal, everything else stripped away, is to live a life where I am exactly who I am and I do the things that make me happy. I don’t want to make decisions based on what I think someone else wants, and I want feel passion as often as possible. 

On a micro-level, my goals and dreams and desires are made up of creative projects that I want to complete in my lifetime. These are three that come to mind:

+ make a film

+ drive across the U.S., from one coast to the other, plant wildflower seeds in abandoned buildings along the way, settle on one coast until it’s time for the flowers to bloom, and then drive back across and photograph the growth.

+ finish writing/record an album

And since I do have to make money to live and all that shit, it’d be awesome to have jobs where I could get paid for being creative.

Anonymous asked:

What sort of glue do you use?

elmer’s glue sticks for thin papers, elmer’s rubber cement or double-sided scotch tape for the harder stuff. Make sure that if you use rubber cement, there isn’t anything sensitive on the other side because it can make ink bleed.