Anonymous asked:

what are your goals/dreams/desires/aspirations/ambitions/etc?

The simplest way I can answer this is to say that my ultimate goal, everything else stripped away, is to live a life where I am exactly who I am and I do the things that make me happy. I don’t want to make decisions based on what I think someone else wants, and I want feel passion as often as possible. 

On a micro-level, my goals and dreams and desires are made up of creative projects that I want to complete in my lifetime. These are three that come to mind:

+ make a film

+ drive across the U.S., from one coast to the other, plant wildflower seeds in abandoned buildings along the way, settle on one coast until it’s time for the flowers to bloom, and then drive back across and photograph the growth.

+ finish writing/record an album

And since I do have to make money to live and all that shit, it’d be awesome to have jobs where I could get paid for being creative.

Anonymous asked:

What sort of glue do you use?

elmer’s glue sticks for thin papers, elmer’s rubber cement or double-sided scotch tape for the harder stuff. Make sure that if you use rubber cement, there isn’t anything sensitive on the other side because it can make ink bleed.

Anonymous asked:

hey there, love your photos, they are marvelous. i loved yoru alaska blog - will you be starting another for nyc?. cheers.

Thanks :)

I would love to do something like that again but i’m not sure i’ll have time while i’m here. I’m not ruling it out, though.

365daysoftrialanderror asked:

Your blog has inspired me to start capturing and remembering things in a whole new manner! Your work is so great, I always collected many things on trips but they always end up in a box, but now I see that there's a creative use for it all! Just wondering, do you usually journal while you're traveling or only after you return? Thanks!

Hey - Thank you so much, that’s pretty much the best compliment I can receive. I am loving your blog as well!

There is definitely a creative use for all of it.  My room back in San Francisco is full of boxes like that :)

When i’m traveling, I usually collect stuff and save it in a big envelope, bring it back home with me, and then do journaling there.  I will also sometimes craft pages on individual sheets of paper and then glue them into my journal when I get home.

When I came to New York, I brought a part of the journal with me (the book is falling apart so it’s in pieces) and I can just journal in it here whenever inspiration hits. What’s nice about collage journals is that you can pretty much write on anything that’s somewhat flat and stick it in later on!